David Adams’ 4D Trainings

I currently present courses by special arrangement. Below are descriptions of some of the courses I've written and presented around the world in the past five years:

Developing Web Services with 4th Dimension
This course provides a crash course in Web Services and related standars, including XML, XSLT, SOAP, and WSDL. The course combines in-class demonstrations, extensive sample code and a manual of over 300 pages. The course is currently being expanded to cover advanced techniques and the features introduced with 4th Dimension 2004. This course has been presented in five countries and will next be offered at the 4D Summit in New Orleans under the title Everything you wanted to know about "X".
4D Internet Integration
Note: This description is for a historical version of the course.
This one-day course is the most detailed introduction to 4D’s built-in Internet features available. The course emphasizes appropriate and effective uses of 4D and the Web. The 270+ page manual and 400+ method example database give a 4D developer the tools needed to master 4D Internet integration. (More...)
Getting the Most Out of 4D
This is a one-day crash-course in 4D 6.5 and 6.7’s features and changes. New developers will go home with an overview of what they can do with 4D. Experienced developers will leave with new techniques, tricks, and features to enhance their productivity and their projects. The course includes a sample CD and a detailed outline. The 4D 6.5 Companion is available as a supplemental course manual at a discounted price. (More...)
High Quality 4D Development
This two-day course covers a wide range of 4D development topics, including optimization, debugging, programming for 4D Server, and developing effective user interfaces. The course includes a 300 page manual and an example CD. You can download a detailed table of contents in PDF format (160K). (More...)
I do provide one-on-one coaching by phone and email when my schedule allows. At the moment I’m specifically working with people who need coaching on 4D-Internet integration or improving their development process. Send me an email at dpadams@island-data.com if you are interested in discussing coaching in either of these areas.

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