The 4D Web Companion
The definitive guide to development with the 4D Web server. The book and sample code document the 4D Web server's built-in and hidden features. The 4D Web Companion explains how to solve common, real-world problems with the 4D Web server, including: Many of the techniques and features described in The 4D Web Companion are not documented anywhere else.
List price: $99 US from 4D Press.
The 4D 6.5 Companion
This book and CD combination are a complete guide to the changes made between 4D V6 and 4D 6.5. The contents all apply directly to 4D 6.7 and later. This book and CD collection reveal 4D tips and tricks that not found in the official documentation. The product also includes hundreds of methods and utilities ready for cut and paste. The book's contents apply completely to 4D 6.7 and later.
List price: $79 US from Automated Solutions Group.
This 4D plug-in adds ZIP Code lookups and distance-based searches to any 4D project. The program includes up-to-date US ZIP Code data.
List price for ZipCenter Basic: $99 US from Automated Solutions Group.
List price for ZipCenter Enhanced: $349 US from Automated Solutions Group.
Programming 4th Dimension: The Ultimate Guide
This title is now out of print. Thanks to everyone who used it over the years.