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This page links to sites I use regularly and find absolutely great. I’d like a longer list, so please send me your suggestions at

Google is the best search engine on the Web. Period. I don’t use anything else. Google uses a different algorithm for finding pages that returns more relevant results. You can read the Google description of why Google is better or try a search from here:
Philip Greenspun’s Site
Philip Greenspun is one of the best writers and photographers I’ve seen on the Web. He is opinionated, funny, and generous. Be prepared to spend a long time at his site. A few articles I’ve really enjoyed are: (Jakob Nielsen’s Site)
I have more links into Jakob Nielsen’s pages than anywhere else. His Web and usability research is fascinating. He’s also an entertaining and opinionated columnist and public speaker. makes searching for images easy. They use human editors to find, review, and classify images. They avoid all “objectionable content.” This site is a long way from the ideal image searching system, but it’s the best I’ve seen on the Web.
The Onion
Visit The Onion if you need a good laugh.
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Amazon was one of my favorite sites on the Internet back when it was a bookstore. Now that they sell everything except guns and congressmen, it’s gotten harder to use. Amazon still has a couple of great features:
  • The referral engine is fantastic. You can teach the system about what you like and get good suggestions back. Other sites have this feature as well these days.
  • The customer reviews are invaluable. I check these before I even take a book out of the library, let alone buy a book. Many book sites have customer review sections, but Amazon has enough reviews to make them useful.
Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
Internet Movie DataBase logo
More movie search options
  The IMDb site used to be simpler and easier to use, but it is still useful. Most Web sites take very little advantage of the potential of hypertext. This is one of the best examples of a true hypertext/hypermedia system on the Web. All the data is interwoven so that you can track down a reference from even the most tenuous connection. Even if you are not interested in movies, this site’s design is worth studying.

Associates Programs

Several of the links above are parts of associate programs. Associate programs are a working example of how an Internet economy can work.

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