ZipCenter adds USPS ZIP Code lookups and distance searches to any 4D database. With ZipCenter you can:

All operations are optimized for single and multi-user environments.

For information about purchasing, upgrading, or subscriptions please visit the Automated Solutions Group Web site. There is a downloadable demo version available. You can download the manual (1.5MB PDF)

About the Distance Calculations

If you have ever wanted to search a 4D database for addresses that are near each other, ZipCenter will help. Examples from user applications include:

If you have address data, you can get new value out of it with ZipCenter.

About the Data

ZipCenter includes 5-digit ZIP Code data in a special quick lookup file and as a text file for import. Two different versions of the data are available: basic and enhanced. This table summarizes what data is included in each version:

Field Description Basic Enhanced
ZIP Code 5-digit ZIP Code Yes Yes
Latitude Latitude used in distance calculations. Yes Yes
Longitude Longitude used in distance calculations. Yes Yes
Last modified Date ZIP Code data was last modified in ZipCenter. This field allows you to update your ZIP Code data selectively if you receive data subscriptions. Yes Yes
Primary city Name of primary city the ZIP Code is in. (Sometimes there are several cities, alternative spellings, or alternative names.) Yes Yes
State 2-character state abbreviation for the state the ZIP Code is in. Yes Yes
City sequence Unique number for city name amongst all city names associated with a particular ZIP Code. This distinguishes primary city names from secondary city names when you have the enhanced data. No Yes
County name Name of the county the ZIP Code is in. No Yes
Acceptable Status of city name with USPS. All primary cities are acceptable but only some secondary city names are acceptable. No Yes
Area code Area code for this ZIP Code. No Yes
Time Zone Time zone offset from Greenwich Mean Time for this ZIP Code. No Yes
Daylight Savings Indicates if this ZIP Code is in a location that observes Daylight Savings Time. No Yes
County FIPS FIPS code for the county the ZIP Code is in. FIPS code are used in government and commercial demographic databases. No Yes
State FIPS FIPS code for the state the ZIP Code is in. No Yes
City FIPS FIPS code for the city the ZIP Code is in. No Yes

Contact Automated Solutions Group to order or to try the downloadable demo version.

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