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Usable Web: Guide to Web Usability Resources
This is a well organized collection of links about human factors, user interface issues, and usable design specific to the World Wide Web. Many of the links and articles lead to materials that are not only Web specific. (Jakob Nielsen’s Site)
Visit now and come back when you’re done. is Jakob Nielsen’s site. He is one of the biggest names in the Web, hypermedia, and usability communities. (You’ll also find him listed at the top of the Web Links page.) Here are a few good usability articles to start with:
Human-Computer Interaction Resources on the Net
Usability, Human Interface, Human Computer Interaction, and several other terms all name the same discipline. This resource page is thorough and beautifully organized. The page’s author has applied usability principles to the construction of the site to good effect.
User Interface Engineering
This company performs usability studies and sells books and trainings summarizing their research findings. The emphasis is on the Web but there are articles on other subjects like tab control usability and designing wizards.
The on-line version of Interactions includes a few good articles as teasers. The interview with Don Norman (HCI demigod) is interesting, if a bit long. The case study on Designing a GUI for Business Telephone Users is a good example of how usability engineering improves product design.
IBM Human-Computer Interaction
There is good research and information available at this site. Fortunately, the site has been redesigned. I used to link to it as an example of how good ideas can go terribly wrong.

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